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Nike Vaporfly

Nike Vaporfly

Ordinarie pris 2,500.00 ฿ THB
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Vaporfly 3: The shoe is designed for anyone who loves a challenge. The Vaporfly 3 has reworked the number one super shoe and looked "under the hood" to help you cut your times in everything from the mile to the marathon. This versatile workhorse is suitable for anyone who sees pace as the key to more running and unexpected experiences, whether you're an elite runner or just starting to compete.

Vaporfly 2 white/pink: Experience the next level of speed with a racing shoe that helps you chase new goals and records. It contributes to an even nicer feeling and more ventilation with a new design for the upper part. Featuring the same responsive cushioning and secure support as the previous version, the model will help you reach your personal best, whether you're running 10km or a marathon.

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